Michael Jackson’s Nurse Testifies At Conrad Murray Trial

Conrad Murray Trial – Michael Jackson’s nurse has testified at the Conrad Murray trial that the singer wanted Propofol to sleep. Michael asked Murray for help on getting the powerful anesthetic because it was the only thing that helped him. The woman testified Tuesday as the involuntary manslaughter case against Jackson’s doctor continued.

Cherilyn Lee told jurors that Jackson complained he could not sleep and asked for the drug two months before he died in 2009. Defense lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray are trying to fight back weeks of damaging testimony about the way he treated Jackson for his insomnia before a major concert series. Murray has pleaded not guilty.

Authorities contend Murray gave Jackson a fatal dose of propofol. His lawyers have countered that Jackson gave himself the fatal dose after Murray left his bedroom.

“He told me that doctors have told him it was safe,” Lee testified of Jackson’s request for the anesthetic. “I said no doctor is going to do this in your house.”

The singer, however, insisted that he would be safe as long as someone monitored him, she said. Lee said she had treated Jackson for nutrition and energy issues as he prepared for his planned series of “This Is It” comeback concerts.

Defense attorneys had wanted to show that Jackson needed enough sleep to get through his rehearsals and was desperate to make sure the concerts continued, since he would owe $40 million to the concert promoter if the concerts were canceled.

A judge on Tuesday, however, blocked Murray’s attorneys from asking Randy Phillips, the president and CEO of concert promoter AEG Live, about Jackson’s contract for the comeback shows. Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor said allowing testimony about the contract might confuse jurors.

Murray’s team also plans to call several expert witnesses to rebut the testimony of prosecution experts who said Murray was reckless and at fault in Jackson’s unexpected death.

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