Cyndi Lauper Sings National Anthem, US Open Crowd In Disbelief

Singer Cyndi Lauper forgot some of the words to the National Anthem at the US Open. Apparently, she came up with her version of the “The Star-Spangled Banner” last Saturday night. Well, it wasn’t that bad, but the crowd looked on in disbelief.

Lauper’s performance before the women’s semifinal match between Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki got off to a fine start. The pictures of Lauper and her t-shirt and jacket would soon surprise the fashion industry.

But things turned bad when she reached the line beginning with, “O’er the ramparts we watched.”

Instead of singing “were so gallantly streaming,” Lauper blurted out to the befuddled crowd: “as our flag was still streaming.”

Lauper, 58, is in good company in botching the National Anthem.

Christina Aguilera mangled its lyrics earlier this year at Super Bowl XLV – a performance broadcast to a record audience of 111 million people in the US alone.

On March 5, 2011, Lauper got bored in an airport in Buenos Aires, singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” over the PA system. Her songs and music are still loved by millions of people. Yes, we can forgive her for this one mistake.