Dark Knight Movie Trailer 2012 Released

Dark Knight Trailer – Dark Knight trailer leaves fans anticipation what’s next.

This just may be the most terrifying Batman movie to date.

The video features a closer look at Tom Hardy’s mysterious villain, Bane. He is similar to fictional character Alexandre Dumas’ from Edmond Dantes.

This latest Batman movie begins eight years after The Joker was fought off. The Caped Crusader will be played by Christian Bale once again. In addition, Anne Hathaway will join the crew as the Catwoman and John Blake will be played by Joseph Gordon-levitt.

During the two-minute promo the Catwoman dances with Bruce Wayne and whispers in his ear. Next, Bane is shown attending a football game in the Gotham City sports stadium. He is sporting an oversized military style jacket and a mask covering his face.

Upon pressing a detonator of some sort, Bane watches as the entire football field explode disappears.

View The Dark Knight Rises trailer below:

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