Dave Mustaine Hit By Rock During Megadeth Metalfest 2012

Heavy-metal band Megadeath abandoned the stage after lead singer Dave Mustaine was hit in the head with a rock while performing at Metalfest 2012 in Croatia.

Flying beer bottles and rocks were thrown as the chanting crowd called for the metal band W.A.S.P. to perform following unconfirmed reports that front man Blackie Lawless refused to take the stage the festival after a falling out with Dave Mustaine.

After Megadeth left the stage, a spokesman for the band took to the stage and told the audience, “Guys, Dave’s been hit in the head with a rock… I apologize. He’s been hit in the head.”

The crowd then launched further items at the spokesman prompting him to save himself as he abandoned the stage.

In 2010, Guns N’ Roses played a show in Dublin to an unhappy Irish audience. The crowd waited 90 minutes for the band to take the stage late. As Axl Rose and guitarist Slash took the stage to perform “Welcome To The Jungle,” they were hit with multiple beer bottles.

Rose interrupted the song and warned the crowd that the show would end if another bottle was thrown.

As they resumed, Rose interrupted the concert again and said, “good night” and stormed off the stage. The concert promoters soon joined the stage and asked everyone to remain calm, and blamed the interruption on “technical difficulties,” which only made the crowd laugh. The promoters begged the crowd to stop throwing bottles so the band could resume.

In good faith, the band took the stage once again, and the concert resumed without further incident.

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