David O. Russell Groped Transgender Niece

David O Russell Transgender Niece – David O. Russell, the director of “The Fighter,” is in hot water with authorities after it was learned that he has been accused of fondling his transgender niece.

What’s not helping him is the fact that he himself, admits he did so only after his 19-year-old transgender, from man to female, asked him to do so.

The incident apparently happened at a Florida hotel gym on December 30th while the two where working out together. In the police report filed 3 days after the incident by the transgender niece, she claims while working out Russell was questioning her on the process of the sex change.

She told Russell that the hormones she was taking were making her breasts larger, afterwards the niece says that Russell felt both her breast by sliding his hands under her top, adding that she did not stop him from doing so.

David Russell made a statement to police investigator’s which reads, that the niece, “is always causing drama since the transgender transformation and has become very provocative and seductive.”

Russell added, and again not helping his cause, “Ever since he — I’m sorry, ‘she.’ — got those things, it’s been nothing but come-on after come-on, so frankly, I feel like I’m the victim here. When your nephew-turned-niece prances around all day going, ‘Oooooooh, my titties are swollen,’ what are you supposed to do? Not fondle them? Get outta here.”

He also says that his transgender niece made him “pinky swear”that he wouldn’t speak of the incident to anyone. After police in Florida concluded their investigation it will be submitted to the state attorney’s office where they will decide wether or not to pursue criminal charges against David Russell.

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