Davy Jones Funeral Plans And Cause Of Death

Davy Jones, the Monkees teen idol who passed away last week, will be laid to rest this week as funeral services are being planned.

According to the AP the plan is to have Davy Jones buried near his home in Florida after a private service. There will also be public services in remembrance of the native Brit in New York and England, according to his rep, with dates and details to be yet determined.

As was first reported Jones did not suffer a massive heart attack while he slept, but rather he suffered a heart attack while he was working with his horses in his stable on Wednesday.

“There was no sign of illness or of anything being wrong,” according to a report by a rep to TMZ.

Before joining to Monkees in the mid 60’s Jones had actually been a race horse jockey, and afterwards returned to his favorite hobby of riding horses.

Jones had once stated on his website, “A lot of people call me ‘Cowboy.’ But the first time I was on horseback, I had a lump in my throat the size of my fist, and my heart was almost bouncing me out of my saddle. However, as I grew used to it on that ride, I thought, ‘Oh, my God, it’s going to happen … I’m cantering!’ And I’ve been a cowboy ever since.”

Dying at the age of 66, Jones was not only still riding horses put was also still touring as a singer, he had just performed at a concert in Oklahoma a week and a half before his death and had other show dates planned through the rest of the year.

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