Demi and Ashton Still Have Union Together

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher attended a religious service together Friday in Los Angeles, amid speculation they are breaking up, but inside sources say the couple won’t divorce. They played down split reports by celebrating the Jewish New Year together at the Kabbalah Center. The rumor of infidelity is being ignored, and there’s been no statement to address the scandal.

Numerous reports suggest that the Moore plans to divorce Kutcher after he allegedly had an affair on September 24, the actual date of their sixth-year wedding anniversary.

The only evidence is a photo of the “Two and a Half Men” actor with a blonde woman named Sara Leal that same night in San Diego, California, but Leal then started the rumor the following day and asked the media for $250,000 for her tell-all specifics.

The couple have always defended their marriage. Moreover, there’s not even a photo of Kutcher holding hands or kissing Leal. She tells the same story as another girl, Brittany Jones, who claims he told her that his wife separated from him.

Their fans are mixed on the issue, but some believe that he could tell another woman the exact story twice. Moore did send some bizarre messages on Twitter the day after the alleged incident, but we don’t know exactly what it meant. No one knows why the two are sending cryptic messages on Twitter.

Ashton has remained quiet since the rumors began last week. Demi has always defended their marriage in the past. Inside sources say they have no plans to divorce.