Demi Lovato Upset With Simon Cowell on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Demi Lovato has to work on Thanksgiving, and she’s not happy about it either, so much that she talked about Simon Cowell in a different light when she appeared as a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday night.

The “X Factor” judge also talked the old people in her apartment building and the terror that comes from interrupting Barbara Walters.

The entire interview started off on an amusing note when Jimmy Kimmel asked if Demi was trying to imitate the Thompson Twins with her look. The oh-so-young Lovato’s response?

“Um, I don’t know who they are,” she replied.

Demi and Jimmy then talked about “The View.” It was probably a joke when Lovato claimed not to remember Kimmel’s recent visit to the show — when she was a guest co-host.

However, what was not a joke was how difficult Lovato found it to interrupt Barbara Walters in order to ask questions.

“If you don’t interrupt, you don’t get your question,” she explained. “I don’t want to interrupt Barbara Walters … I was terrified!”

If you didn’t think things could get any more adorable, Lovato had to describe the apartment building she now lives in. “It’s really nice and really fancy,” she said. But there’s a catch: “It’s all older people. Like old people. There were walkers and wheelchairs. And I loved it, ’cause they were so cute!”

Lovato doesn’t even think that the older generation’s ways are a problem.

“I was playing Eminem in the gym, and this old woman was walking like two miles an hour on the treadmill and turned and snarled at me,” the singer and actress said of her one negative encounter in the building. Even so, she still thought the older women were cute.

As for “The X Factor,” Lovato isn’t that upset about having to work on Thanksgiving. She and Kimmel both blamed this scheduling on the British and notoriously grumpy Simon Cowell.

“He wants us all to suffer,” Lovato joked. While Demi isn’t too worried about the time commitment, she is a little nervous about performing during the show. “If I screw up or do a bad job, people at home are going to be like, ‘Why is she a judge?'” Lovato worried.

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