Demi Lovato Sends Makeup-Free Photo To Twitter Fans

Singer Demi Lovato sent a Twitter photo to prove that she doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful and her fans are going crazy. They all agree, for the most part, that she is absolutely gorgeous without wearing tons of makeup that most celebrities do to look good.

Demi showed off her makeup-free, natural look in a photo posted on Twitter on Saturday. The 19-year-old “Give Your Heart a Break” singer smiles as her hair is pulled back revealing her fresh face.

“You’re gorgeous” wrote one of her Lovatics. “How is it that you manage to look beautiful even without makeup?” added another fan.

Lovato’s look has evolved over the years. She posed in a natural beauty-inspired photo shoot for January’s Glamour magazine and said that she prefers a more natural look, now.

“Whenever you’re going through, you know, stuff, it definitely reflects in the way you wear your makeup and hair. Wearing less makeup is more comfortable for me,” she said at the time. “I can feel glamorous without makeup too, especially on my lips. They’re naturally reddish, so I often let them go.”

In her new video, She sported a natural look. She says she has become more comfortable in her skin.

“I think that’s the best lesson that I’ve learned–to love myself before any other person,” she told E! News.

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