Dido became a mom five months ago

Dido, whose full name is Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong, turned 40 on Christmas Day and shared a secret that only husband Rohan Gavin knew about for five months. The “White Flag” singer gave birth five months ago. It was unusual that she kept the secret until now.

It might also be a shocker to learn that it was a weird choice for her to name the child after a song about the murder of girlfriend and unborn baby through suicide.

The baby’s name is Stanley, the same name from her No. 1 hit in 2000 single featuring Eminem entitled “Stan,” but it makes perfect sense if you know Dido.

She kept her pregnancy a secret until she went public the day after Christmas.

Dido told the secret to London’s Daily Mail and perhaps it was a surprise to many, to find out she kept the bundle of joy a secret this long, most fans didn’t understand the reason.

Moreover, fans are wondering why she named her son after a brutal character who is obsessed with rapper Eminem and eventually commits a strange murder-suicide when letters are ignored.

The strange part of the song is that the rapper does respond and apologizes for being too busy to write back earlier, but it was already too late, an odd taste for words put into a song.

However, it could all be coincidental, and maybe she liked the name “Stan” long before the song.

Dido finally posted on twitter earlier today to confirm the news and said she’s “ridiculously excited about stanley’s first christmas.”

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