Dirty Dancing Hotel Burns Down In Fire

What’s known as the Dirty Dancing set, called the Brown’s Hotel in New York, was destroyed by fire this past weekend. In the movie that starred the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray, the summer vacation spot west of New York City was presumably the setting, but it was actually filmed in North Carolina.

The hotel was opened in 1944 and was considered as one of the signature hotels in the premiere vacation spot. In 1997, 10 years after the release of the film the hotel was turned into a condominium complex known as Grandview Palace, which contained several cabins that also were used in the movie.

The fire that started around 6pm on Saturday was so large that 300 fire fighters from 43 different fire companies were called in to battle it. However, before the last of the flames could be doused out, 7 of the 9 buildings making up the complex were destroyed.

There were no fatalities as a result of the fire but several people were left homeless. A shelter for those displaced has been set up at the nearby Sullivan County Community College until further arrangements could be made.

The blaze has since been deemed the “largest fire in Catskills history.”

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