Dog Bites Trumpeter Efrem Towns At Atlanta Motel

Trumpeter Efrem Towns was hospitalized after receiving multiple dog bites while staying at an Atlanta motel. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band member was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta, where he got 30 stitches in his groin.

Towns is currently recovering at his home in New Orleans from the brutal Rottweiler attack.

According to Towns and baritone saxophone player Roger Lewis, the dog surged from an open motel room door after Towns knocked on the door of Lewis’ room.

“I didn’t know if it was a dog, wolverine, bear, mongoose or what. I just knew something had me,” the trumpeter said.

The owner of the Rottweiler, who came out of the room next-door was able to subdue it. Towns has missed performances in Colorado and New Orleans due to the Nov. 18 attack, and is unsure if he will be able to perform at the band’s next gig scheduled for Dec. 28.

Towns said he probably could practice while convalescing. “But I’m very uncomfortable right now,” he said Friday evening. “I’m basically immobilized — it’s hard getting around. I’m kind of miserable.”

Even after this experience, Towns remains a dog lover.

“I’m a dog person,” he said. “And even though I got bit, I hope they don’t put that dog to sleep.”

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