​Dr. Phil’s Car Stolen From Garage Offers New $1,000 Reward

Staff Reporter
May. 22, 2014

Dr. Phil’s classic 1957 Chevrolet convertible car gets stolen from a Burbank repair shop last Sunday night. It’s the genuine black with white and silver trim vehicle, which is one of a kind.

Reportedly, the clinical psychologist and talk show host had the meticulously restored V8-engine car taken to the repair shop on a flatbed to the shop from his Beverly Hills home to have the transmission repaired. However, it was stolen just hours after it was dropped off at the shop.

The soon-to-be 62-year-old is a car enthusiast, and has owned a Ferrari 360 Spider, a Chevy Camaro, and a Gemballa Porsche Turbo.

“He has meticulously restored and maintained the black car with white and silver trim, working on the car and its V-8 engine whenever it needed repair,” reported UPI.

According to police, who have launched a full investigation, the auto thieves were so anxious to get the $100,000 vehicle that they smashed a roll up door in order to retrieve it.

Phillip Calvin McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil, is a television personality and psychologist who host the Dr. Phil show, which first aired in 2002. He became a celebrity, in the 1990s, when he made appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

He is married to Robin Jameson McGraw and they have two adult sons together.

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