Drake Sued Over Ex Girlfriend’s Song Royalties

Drake is being sued by his ex-girlfriend over a song in which he uses a drunken phone call with her in the tune called “Marvin’s Room,” even though it was not an actual call, it was written for the song using Drake’s ex girlfriend Erika Bell as the voice on the other end of the call.

It’s a very interesting lawsuit with an unpredictable outcome. She claims that she wrote the song and asked to collaborate the lyrics during the recording process. Bell is upset because she was later excluded from any co-writing royalties.

The paperwork in the suit states that the, “Plaintiff’s contribution is highly significant to the overall work.”

In a statement released by the record label, Cash Money Records, they say that Bell had only requested recognition for the work on the song which she received credit as a ‘vocalist’ under the name “Syren Lyric Muse” which she requested.

After the song was copyrighted and the two had broken up, Lee decided to obtain a lawyer. In the complaint Lee claims that Drake made threatening phone calls after finding out about the suit and then offered her “4-5% of publishing compensation plus $50,000 to go away.”

The song’s video has been viewed on YouTube over 39 million times and has sold over 500,000 downloads. Lee is seeking undisclosed damages.

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