Drew Barrymore to Share Collection in Book of Hearts

Drew Barrymore will release her first book of photos of hearts and other objects she has shot over the course of the last 10 years. The book will include a collection belonging to Barrymore, totaling 96 pages.

“I have always loved hearts,” the actress said. “The way that one continuous line accomplishes the most extraordinary thing–it conveys love. Hearts are my beacons. I love them man-made and natural, young and old,” she added.

“Whenever and wherever I see the heart shape, a smile spreads across my face. The heart has an unbeatable romance when you discover one where you least expect it.”

Some of the images in the Little, Brown and Company book include a discarded straw wrapper, a hole in a T-shirt and a scallion in a bowl of miso soup.

Barrymore, who joined Twitter just yesterday, has had her photography exhibited at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Just last year she shot Shailene Woodley, Victoria Justice and Isabelle Fuhrman for V magazine and Charlotte Gainsbourg in a campaign for a Tommy Hilfiger handbag benefiting Breast Health International.

It’s a little eye-rolly, sure. However, as far as celebrity branding is concerned, see now this makes more sense to many than Barrymore cooking on daytime television or on the cover of Good Housekeeping as part of the Motherhood Industrial Complex.

That’s not to say that many will be buying her book of hearts, because she has a huge following.

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