X Factor’s Drew Ryniewicz Gets Tweet From Bieber

Drew Ryniewicz – X Factor finalist Drew Ryniewicz, who was sent home from the competition in a double elimination on Thursday night, got a few words of encouragement from one of her idols that no doubt instantly dried her tears.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, About 45 minutes after the west coast broadcast of the Fox show, Justin Bieber tweeted to the 15-year-old Chino Valley Arizona native: “keep yr head up. I lost my 1st competition too. this is just the beginning. never say never.” The message was promptly retweeted by Drew, who has amassed 94,000 followers, one of them being Bieber himself.

X Factor viewers may recall that Drew Ryniewicz auditioned with one of Bieber’s biggest hits, the song “Baby,” and professed her love for the teen phenom in a pre-performance video package during which she gazed longingly at a picture of her Canadian idol. To showcase her sultry singing style during try-outs, Drew slowed down the tempo and delivered the top 5 hit with the vocal sophistication that many millions have come to know and love.

The tweet marks a moment of triumph following an emotional roller-coaster of a day that ended with three of the four judges voting to remove her from the competition. Drew’s swan song was Roxette’s “Listen to Your Heart.”

Speaking to reporters after the show, Drew said she “had a weird feeling all day in my heart… I knew something was not going to go how it should.”