Duck Dynasty Pay: Robertson Family Dynasty Increase

Duck Dynasty has finally returned for season four on A&E, which was plagued by a pay raise negotiation for months before filming ever started. The Robertson family negotiated a pay raise from the long talks.

The dispute delayed production through the fourth season and threatened future seasons, but the new deal has reportedly secured the Robertsons for several more seasons should the network continue the series.

The new contract will bring the family more than $200,000 per episode, to be split among the 9 adults and 11 children on the show. The new figure is four times as much as they were earning previously.

The unscripted series is a ratings juggernaut, which worked in their favor during the salary standoff. Season three grew to a record 9.6 million total viewers for the finale, and was second only to “The Walking Dead” across cable.

Duck Dynasty follows the Robertson clan, a Monroe, La., family who made their fortune from manufacturing duck calls. They rock long bushy beards, say whatever is on their minds and are absolutely hilarious together. Each episode ends at the dinner table with grace.

Patriarch Phil; matriarch Miss Kay; Willie’s brothers Jase, Jep and Alan and their wives Korie, Missy, Jessica and Lisa; and Phil’s brother Uncle Si — will all be getting significant raises.

The pay raise will supplement the family’s small fortune earned through their empire Duck Commander. CEO Willie Robertson, who had to deny rumors about a run for Congress, said, “at this point in my life, I’m really busy.”

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