Duggar Baby Miscarriage Shown In Photo

Duggar Baby Photo – Michelle Duggar posted a photo of her miscarried baby on the family’s blog that shows a little hand resting on her finger in what would’ve been their 21st child and newest TLC 19 Kids and Counting reality star. It’s a grief that doesn’t go away, and the parents have decided to deal with their loss openly to the public.

Some experts suggest that it may help other families who’re struggling with a lost child from a miscarriage. In fact, it’s a crisis that is ignored by friends and family who mean well by the mother still goes through the grieving pain, and sometimes alone. It’s a big sense of loss for those waiting for their baby and it can end suddenly without warning.

The Duggars decided to face the issue head on to help with the process and allow healing to begin. They understand that a lot of people are going to disagree with their way of grieving, or by showing the baby photo. It’s a part of acknowledgment for the miscarriage, experts say.

The Duggar family members are quiet, and they haven’t provided further details surrounding the photo posted on their website. The “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” nonprofit organization provides a free service to families who suffered a loss from a miscarriage. Their photographers took the picture that Michelle posted.

The family named their unborn baby Jubilee Shalom because it means “joyful celebration of peace.” Each child in the family has a name beginning with the letter J. They are devoted Christians and have come under scrutiny because they no longer use birth control. They stated that God will decide the family size.

The Duggar’s make up 19 children on Earth, and two more in heaven.

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