Dwight Howard Baby No. 5 On The Way

Dwight Howard has a fifth baby on the way and recent sightings of his girlfriend suggest that the baby could arrive soon.The Los Angeles Lakers NBA All-star is currently part of an NBA Playoffs series with the San Antonio Spurs.

Christine Vest, Dwight’s girlfriend, was spotted at a recent Lakers game looking pregnant, “late second trimester pregnant.” Dwight is currently seeking sole custody of his son from another one of his baby mommas.

Howard, currently 27-years-old, has been battling with ex-girlfriend, Royce Reed, who gave birth to their son Braylon back in 2007. In 2010, he won a defamation judgment against Reed in Florida, which was the result of remarks Reed made about Howard on the VH1 show “Basketball Wives,” and on Twitter.

He continues to seek sole custody of Braylon, but now is expecting another child with another woman. Will any of this effect Dwight’s focus in the playoffs?

Howard and the Lakers are looking to tie things up in San Antonio.

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