Earth Wind & Fire Riot Breaks Out

Earth Wind & Fire riot breaks out. A riot breaks out at an Earth Wind & Fire concert in Colorado as fans began burning the place down. The Earth Wind & Fire concert erupted in a riot that ended with dust.

Riot breaks out during an Earth Wind and Fire concert in Colorado. The night began as most of the R&B/disco band concerts do, with the band playing through some hits. After all this is Earth, Wind and Fire, not AC/DC. The musicians were performing at the concert for the annual Bohemian Nights at NewWestfest on Saturday night.

After the performance ended, there were still around 400 people at the venue. Unexpectedly, three fights broke out, which in turn led to a full-fledged riot. The police were called in order to control the crowd. They even had to use tear gas to suppress the unruly crowd.

At least 14 people were injured and administered medical aid for their wounds. There is still no word as to why the riot started in the first place. The store owner of Santa Fe Craftsman was pretty bummed that several thousand dollars-worth of damage was done to his store. “Part of the sizzle of being downtown is the unexpected. That’s what makes it exciting,” Bob Criswell said in a statement.