Eddie Fisher Pleads Not Guilty In Denver

OneRepublic drummer Eddie Fisher pleads not guilty in Denver to disturbing the peace, destruction of private property, assault and wrongs to a minor.

Fisher, 38, was placed under arrest by Denver police when they were called to the 660 block of North Clermont Street by his girl’s roommate.

When police arrived at the home, they discovered that both Fisher and his girlfriend were injured.

She appeared to have a bruise on her arm and thigh, an abrasion on her hand, and a cut lip. Reportedly, an intoxicated Fisher was bleeding from his forehead. So, they had to go through the whole, he-said-she-said, in order to figure out who they should arrest.

According to Eddie, his girlfriend of two months was acting hysterical and cornered him in a bathroom. So, he attempted to get out by jumping over her. However, she claims that Fisher was upset because he thought she was messing around on him. She told police that he grabbed “her by the head and [threw] her down.”

In the courtroom, Fisher pleaded not guilty to all the charges brought against him.

The judge set his bond at $550 and he is to appear in court on June 7th.

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