Eddie Murphy Death Hoax: “Wait… I’m Still Alive!”

Eddie Murphy confirmed that it was only a Twitter hoax that started a rumor that he was dead, but he says he’s very much alive and doing well, and these rumors are all coming from a website trying to get some attention through bogus articles about celebrities.

It’s really sad when people like Eddie Murphy have to defend these type of rumors, as serious as they are, because the hoax usually goes way too far in the name of “publicity” for the people creating the pranks.

Everyone should realize by now that Twitter itself is not a reliable news sources.

Sources close to the Tower Heist star have already debunked the hoax, just the latest in a long line of online pranks designed to fake kill a star for some reason.

The frenzy was initially sparked by MediaFetcher (dot) com, then spread like wildfire thanks to Twitter. This site is believed to be responsible for spinning bogus stories about other numerous celebrities they claim are dead but are not.

The Bon Jovi death hoax was a different guy, but Cher, Charlie Sheen, TooShort, The Rock, Kevin Bacon, Luke Perry, Jack Black, Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Tom Green, Tiger Woods, George Clooney and others have fallen victim of late.

All are still alive and kicking. Thank goodness.

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