Edward Furlong Arrested For Girlfriend Altercation

Edward Furlong was arrested again soon an early release from a six month sentence. The Terminator 2 star was picked up after allegedly having an altercation with his former girlfriend, which violated his probation.

Deputies from the West Hollywood Sheriffs Department were called to the actor’s former partner’s home in West Hollywood, California, on Thursday night.

The pair reportedly had a verbal altercation after the 35-year-old allegedly violated the woman’s apprehended violence order and showed up at her home.

Police found the actor hiding under his ex’s stairwell.

He was arrested just before 7pm and charged with a Felony violation of the order.

The troubled actor remains in jail at the West Hollywood Sheriffs Department and is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Just two weeks ago on April 27, the actor plead pleaded not guilty to domestic battery that allegedly occurred last year at Los Angeles International Airport.

The actor, who rose to fame when he played young John Connor in the sci-fi sequel to the original Terminator, is accused of getting into a violent argument with girlfriend Monica Keena - believed to be the same women involved in his most recent arrest  at the airport on October 30.

He was also arrested again in West Hollywood in January for alleged domestic battery as well as a warrant for felony domestic violence. Furlong was only recently released from jail after he was sentenced to six months in jail for violating his probation in a 2010 case.

The Terminator 2 star was accused of disobeying the terms of his sentence for his domestic violence case after he was convicted of violating a restraining order.

The 35-year-old actor has been the subject of restraining orders filed by both his ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend.

In March Superior Court Judge Dennis Mulcahy asked officials not to release the actor early or give him credit for time served.

However, despite late May being flagged as the earliest possible release he was allowed out of jail even earlier.

Furlong has previously refused to go to drug rehabilitation even as a way to avoid jail.

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