Elisabeth Hasselbeck Offended By Bill Maher Jokes

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Maher, “The View” host Hasselbeck confronted Maher over a joke she thought was in poor taste. Ironically, he later addressed it on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

The TV host said on the Feb. 4 episode of his HBO program “Real Time” that “New rule: now that, then Egyptian ruler, Hosni Mubarak has released CBS correspondent, Lara Logan: he must put her intrepid hotness on a plane immediately. In exchange, we will send Elisabeth Hasselbeck.”

Hasselbeck said that on behalf of all women she was offended by the joke.

On Tuesday’s Episode of the view Maher sat next to Hasselbeck when she got a chance to confront him. After talking about the Jerry Sandusky case, she credited him for talking positively about women and then quickly changed the subject. “I just wanted to go back to a time that bothered me, not for my personal reasons but for women.

“Forgive this idiotic Republican for bringing this to your brilliant mind, but in February of last year, Lara Logan was in Egypt and she was brutally attacked there,” she went on to repeat the offensive joke and said coldly, “You can’t sit here right now and tell me I’m wrong for saying, ‘That wasn’t that funny.'”

The HBO host replied, “We do a comedy show for an audience that’s perhaps different than your audience,” he said. “You are a public figure. It was not aimed at you personally, but when you are a public figure, you are out there and your fodder for comedians to make comments on.”

When asked if he draws the line anywhere, he said: “I do draw the line, but I also live on the line.”

On Letterman, Maher said that he actually likes Hasselbeck.

“We have this relationship on TV where we play like we hate each other,” Maher said. He then joked about the married Hasselbeck: “It makes the sex hotter.”

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