Elvis Tomb Auction Slated For June 23

Imagine being the highest bidder to own Elvis Presley’s crypt? The tomb at Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee will be available at auction on June 23, 2012, the New York Times reports.

Elvis was eventually buried at Graceland, but initially he was placed into a private area in the mausoleum until his father got permission from the State of Tennessee to have him moved and laid to rest on the singer’s estate.

His body was kept at Forest Hill, along with the body of his mother, Gladys, for about two months.

The crypt has been empty ever since the Presley’s were moved.

“I just consider that if you’re an ultimate fan of Elvis Presley, it’s an opportunity,” Darren Julian of the auction house told the Times. “It’s definitely a conversation piece. Only one person can say, ‘Hey, I’m going to be buried where Elvis Presley was.'”

Bidding for the crypt will start at $100,000, and the price includes a memorial inscription, use of the chapel for a service, and the opening and closing of the vault and crypt for burial.

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