Eminem And Atrocious Sydney, Fans Want Their Money Back!

Eminem And Atrocious Sydney – Eminem has been slammed by fans for technical problems at his recent live show in Australia.

Fans demanded their money back after ‘atrocious’ sound ruined his two shows at Sydney’s football stadium.

One fan told The Daily Telegraph that they “couldn’t hear a thing” during the show.

Another added that large sections of the crowd started chanting “turn it up”:  “It got so loud Eminem even heard it, but he must have thought they were yelling, ‘Take it off’, because he started pulling his shirt up.”

Eminem’s tour promoter Dainty Group has been contacted by hundreds of unsatisfied fans.

Meanwhile, Eminem has spoken out about his battle with prescription drug Ambien.

The rapper said that the sedative caused him to lose huge chunks of his memory and contributed to his four year long writing block.

During the interview Eminem also admitted that during the peak of his addiction he was consuming up to 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin pills a day.