​Eva Longoria Wardrobe Malfunction Seen At Festival​​

Eva Longoria has become the latest celebrity victim of a wardrobe malfunction as she appeared extremely embarrassed while getting out of a limousine near the red carpet.

The actress unfortunately revealed far more than she intended too as she turned out for the star-studded and rained upon screening of Jimmy P. Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian during Cannes Film Festival on Saturday.

Arriving in a breathtaking light green gown, Eva was merely trying to ascend a flight of stairs on Saturday while avoiding the fast-falling drizzle.

She tugged up her hem to avoid getting it wet in the puddles when the wardrobe function occurred as the star was left exposing herself with no underwear on.

Longoria, 38, will no doubt be horrified to learn that the humiliating incident was caught on camera.

The former Desperate Housewives star trudged on with the aid of several red carpet staffers and was ultra careful not to step on her trailing gown with her beige high heels.

Her dress wasn’t the only part of her ensemble that was in danger of falling apart.

Longoria’s elaborately coiffed hairdo was in risk of faltering in the foul weather, but at least she had some shelter beneath a large unflappable umbrella.

Her perfectly oval-shaped face was heavily made-up too, especially around the eyes, and most know what rain can do to mascara-covered lashes.

Earlier in the day the face of L’Oreal predicted stormy weather as she enjoyed the pampering of her many hair and beauty people.

She began by tweeting, “The calm before the storm…” and shortly added: “Aaaand now the storm has begun! How many people are touching me at

Before hitting up the screening for Benecio Del Toro’s new film, Longoria shared a group photo of herself posing with Jane Fonda, Cheryl Cole, Megan Gale and Doutzen Kroes.