Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling In Drunk History Christmas ‘Night Before’ (VIDEO)

Eva Mendes And Drunk History Christmas – Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling star in Drunk History Christmas, the newest addition to the Funny or Die series. These two are husband and wife who eventually meet Santa Clause, played by Jim Carey, spoken by Allan McLeod. There is also a problem because McLeod, a Los Angeles writer and comedian, sounds like he’s been drinking a few.

McLeod drank almost a bottle of whiskey on Dec. 15 and then tried his hand at reciting a Christmas poem.

Things get quite interesting as he begins speaking “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse” with his speech slurry and slow. He begins to make a lot of mistakes when reading the poem and apologizes for the brief stumbles. In fact, he’s so sorry that he continues to apologize, but it’s all good.

Gosling soon appears with Mendes, who are both in bed, and he has to recite the poem lines exactly like McLeod. Yes, exactly, slowly with brief stumbles as he reads. This part of the clip is hilarious in great fun as he joins Jack Black and Michael Cera who just happen to be previous Funny or Die actors.

Before long, Jim Carey comes out of nowhere as Santa Claus, as McLeod is still arguing with himself because he forgot the names of two of the reindeer that pull his sled. Again, he’s so sorry that he apologizes again for his forgetfulness and stumbles. You can watch the Eva Mendes And Drunk History Christmas video shown below.

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