Fergie Grammy Dress 2012 – Hit Or Miss?

Fergie had chosen something rare this year for the Grammy 2012 awards and fans have reported mixed reactions ranging from “good” to absolute “poor” because of the orange color.

You have to remember that Fergie has always pushed it to the edge at times and the 2012 Grammy awards were no different, reports the Huffington Post.

She called her outfit choice “the safe one.” We’re dying to see what her alternative was, because the Jean Paul Gaultier couture gown she chose was far from safe.

Between the vibrant reddish orange color (some might call it “traffic cone”) and the oversized lace, allowing a black bra and a pair of black “granny panties” (E! News’ words, not ours) to peek through, you could see this dress coming a mile away.

Fergie told Giuliana Rancic that the gown was flown in from Paris, hot off Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture runway. So she must have felt pretty confident in her “safe” choice.

It’s always good to step away from tradition, but the color is a bit off. Some people might say that it’s a dress you can pick out at Goodwill, while others say that Fergie appeared “too 70s fashion” last night at the Grammy Awards. Either way, you be the judge.

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