Final Resolution 2011 TNA Results

Final Resolution 2011 – TNA Final Resolution results for December 11, 2011 are in.

The PPV begins with a video package of Bobby Roode the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and the night’s main event.

The first match of the Final Resolution includes Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels. It concludes when RVD pulls a frogsplash on Daniels for the win.

Second match of the event includes Eric Young vs. Robbie E. Young is out first, then comes TNA TV Champion Robbie E. with Rob Terry by his side. Robbie takes the match when Young dropkicks Terry to the floor but turns around to knees to the face from Robbie.

Next up was the TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Pope & Devon vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson. The challengers Devon and The Pope came out first followed by TNA Tag Team Champions Matt Morgan and Crimson.
The match concludes when Crimson and Morgan hit a double choke-slam and Crimson covers Devon for the win.

The TNA X Division Title Match includes Kid Kash vs. Austin Aries. Out first comes Kid Kash followed by the TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries. Aries throws Kash the title belt and distracts him, then he uses the brainbuster for the win.

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