Fleetwood Mac Plans 2013 Tour With Full Reunion

Fleetwood Mac is reuniting in 2013 for a new tour, according to Stevie Nicks, and the concert tickets for the show could be available long before then.

“[That’s] the plan,” she told CBS This Morning, though there is no sign that the group plans to record a new album.

The band’s most recent tour was in 2009, following which both Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham have released new solo albums. In March, Mick Fleetwood complained that the band members’ solo projects were getting in the way of a reunion: “Stevie … will not let her [solo] album go,” he said. “I don’t believe Fleetwood Mac will ever tour again, but I really hope we do.”

Asked if the rest of Fleetwood Mac are “on board” for the 2013 tour, Nicks answered with confidence, “Oh yeah.”

Several former members of Fleetwood Mac have died since the band’s last tour. Bob Brunning, their original bassist, passed away in October 2011. Bob Weston, who played guitar on Penguin and Mystery to Me, died in January. And just last month, guitarist and songwriter Bob Welch took his own life. “I couldn’t even imagine that anything could be so bad as to cause that,” Nicks said on Thursday. “I just feel very, very bad that somebody could’ve been that miserable to do something that crazy.”

Producer Ken Callait has published a fascinating new memoir, “Making Rumours,” about the recording of “Rumours,” which offers an overview of a particularly tempestuous time in the band’s life.

Mick Fleetwood stressed that he respected Nicks’ commitment to her recent solo album, “In Your Dreams,” but that it made it hard for the rest of her band mates.

“She has become enthralled and obsessed with her album in a very nice but very inconvenient way. She’s working 20 times harder than she would ever have to with Fleetwood Mac and not making anything close to as much money as she would with us. But that is what she wants to do, and I respect that. In the past I’d not have taken no for an answer. I’d have persuaded Stevie or whoever needed persuading at the time to do the tour. But I’m not doing that this time or ever again, and there is nothing else to say about it.”

Fortunately for the fans, it seems that Nicks has now changed her mind for the better.

Fleetwood Mac’s most recent album was 2003’s Say You Will.

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