Flo Rida Reaches Deal On DUI Charge

The rapper and performer known as Flo Rida, which is a play on words for the state of Florida where he comes from, entered a plea deal on his DUI charges in Court this week.

To the benefit of Mr Rida, he will see time in a classroom instead of a jail cell per the judge over seeing his case.

Flo Rida’s attorney asked the judge to have the rapper enrolled into a program called “Back on Track,” which requires him do perform community service and attend DUI classes. The program is available to first time offenders.

After successfully completing the program the charges will be amended down to reckless driving.

When Flo Rida was arrested on June 6th his breathalyzer test showed he was twice the legal limit to drive.

The rappers real name is Tramar Dillard and he released his debut album, Mail on Sunday, in March 2008. His debut single “Low”, featuring T-Pain, was a #1 hit for ten weeks in United States in early 2008.