Flo Rida Sued For Paying Low Wages

Flo Rida is being sued by a former assistant for paying low wages… $3.08 an hour and she claims she had to work 65 hours a week for the rapper with no overtime paid.

Mahogany Miller filed the suit against Flo Rida, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, in Miami at the end of January and claims she was fired as soon as she spoke to the rapper about the low pay.

Miller is looking for unspecified damages but her lawyer, Robert Harris told E! News that the lawsuit will soon be amended to include more counts of mistreatment against his client.

Meanwhile, Flo Rida’s attorney, Sandy Becher also talked to E! News and said that her client never offered Miller a position on his payroll and she worked as a volunteer on his staff only after Miller tracked him down in a club and begged for a job with him.

Becher says, “Flo is being falsely targeted for doing something out of the goodness of his own heart.”

Adding that her client would occasionally pay for her gas and meals for the volunteer work she was doing for him, and that she was also fired for showing “inappropriate, attention-seeking groupie behavior.”

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