Foxy Brown Arrested Again For Violation

By: Michael Stevens
Staff Writer
Published: Jul 23, 2021

Foxy Brown arrested for violating an order of protection. Former Rapper Foxy Brown has been arrested once again for arguing with her neighbor. Brown landed in jail Wednesday night.

Brown, 31, allegedly violated an order of protection she was picked up by police. Her violation is believed to have stemmed from an argument with a neighbor. Inga D Marchand, better known as Foxy Brown, is an American rapper known for her solo work as well as numerous collaborations with other artists. She also had a brief stint with the hip-hop music group The Firm.

This is the same neighbor whom she had an argument with in 2007 when she was blasting her car stereo outside their building. In 2008 this resulted in the rapper pleading guilty to menacing a neighbor with her cell phone. Police would not give any details of the arrest.

The former rapper has a lengthy arrest record, beginning in 1997. Obviously the community service, fines and time in prison have not been enough. The judges need to be a bit stricter on these celebrity multi-offenders, or they will never learn.

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