Gadhafi Death Predicted In Second Chance Sitcom?

Gadhafi Death Sitcom – The “Second Chance,” which ran for one season in the 1980s, knew that Moammar Gadhafi was going to die this year and may have predicted his death.

How? Well in one episode of “Second Chance” Moammar Gadhafi gets thrown in hell after he gets killed. Turns out that people were cheering, and laughing, about his death since the 1980s.

The show, which starred Matthew Perry, predicted that Moamma Gadhafi’s death would occur on July 29th, 2011. So they were only off by a few months.

The clip shows Gadhafi arriving in St. Peter’s office after his death so that he can be judged. After judgement, St. Peter says:

“That means, sir, that you are going to hell. (The audience cheers.) Oh come on, you had to know it was coming. (The audience laughs.) Very few parents are naming their kids Moammar these days.”

Watch the clip from “Second Chance” below: