Lady Gaga Twitter Seoul Comment Sparks Protests

Pop singer Lady Gaga has seen her share of foreign countries and is an expert at travel, but not when it comes to Seoul in South Korea.

In fact, she would’ve been better off not saying anything prior to her Korea stop.

She was met with protests and several groups asking that her concert be cancelled.

The fuss is over a tweet she sent about her flying experience last Thursday.

She apparently had jetlag and she compared the feeling to being on drugs.

”Jet lag last night was like bad shrooms. When my dad asked what that meant I told him its like being in a musical you don’t want to be in,” she explained.

However, when she arrived in Korea, she received mix reactions upon arrival. Devout Christians from South Korea have prayed that her concert will be cancelled, The Mirror reports.

About 300 members of the church gathered to pray that the appearance be canceled, and government officials have banned underage fans from attending the show in Seoul.

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