Gaga Trump Break In 2008 Universe Pageant

Lady Gaga owes Donald Trump for break? She performed her song “Just Dance” for the world during the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant because the real estate mogul was promised that she had good talent, even though he never heard of the singer before.

It was a decision that would change everything for the music industry and Stefani Germanotta. The real estate mogul had no idea what he was doing, and putting her on stage during a live telecast only happened because his staff liked her. The pageant has something like a halftime show when there’s usually an entertainer, and it’s one of the biggest audiences on television.

Trump was told that nobody knew who she was, but a girl named Lady Gaga has a very talented act and wanted to perform. He agreed, only if they liked her, because he never heard of anyone by that name.

So they put Gaga on during the live broadcast, and he didn’t think anything of it until the following day when people were talking about the entertainer and not the winner of Miss Universe. The public wanted to know who the woman was and they called her “unbelievable.”

Trump says that Gaga has been very grateful to him ever since. He talked about another story that happened a year ago when she was performing at Radio City Musical Hall. There were a lot of celebrities sitting next to him. Her manager told him that she wants to see him. He felt good that she remembered, but then he felt embarrassed because of all the people next to him.

It’s an incredible story about one of the ways Lady Gaga was found. Since the Donald Trump debut, she has become one of the best-selling music artists of all time. You can watch the video of her performance by clicking the YouTube link below.

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