Gallagher Coma, Heart Attack Update And Jokes

Gallagher Heart Attack – After suffering a second heart attack in two years, famous 80s prop comic Gallagher was placed into a medically induced coma, which he was slowly woke from on Sunday as he joked with doctor’s and his family.

The comedian started to experience discomfort at a Texas night club last week just prior to him performing his act. An employee then called 911 after the comedian told him he was not well. He was then rushed to a Dallas area hospital, where it was determined he was suffering from a mild to serious heart attack.

To save his life and treat his heart condition, doctor’s placed Gallagher into a medically induced coma.

He had to have two stents replaced after they had collapsed, according to his promotional manager, Christine Scherrer. Last March Gallagher suffered a heart attack while on stage at a show in Minnesota.

After waking from the coma, Scherrer said he recognized his family immediately and was breathing fine and telling jokes.

The 65-year-old comedian is most well-known for his act finale of smashing an assortment of foods, most notably watermelons with a large sledgehammer known as the Sledge-o-Matic.

Scherrer stated that it was not known how long Gallagher would remain hospitalized and she also thanked the many fans who have sent their thoughts and prayers.

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