Gallagher Suffers Heart Attack Before Comedy Show

Gallagher has suffered a heart attack Wednesday night as he was getting ready to perform at a club in Texas. This is the second heart attack for Gallagher, who is most famous for his “Sledge-O-Matic” routine where he smashes a variety of food products, most notably watermelons, with a specially made sledgehammer.

Ponchos are usually given to audience members in the front row seats to avoid the splatter.

This is the second time the comedian fell ill during a performance. Last year, his manager, Craig Marquardo, told he, “had met a few fans and whatnot, and he was in the office (of Hat Tricks) when he felt a little tired. So he went in and sat down, and then (club employees) went in and checked on him and he wasn’t feeling good, so they called an ambulance.” His manager went on to say that he was suffering from a heart attack but didn’t know it at the time.

Gallagher, 65, is currently receiving treatment in a Dallas area hospital while doctors monitor his heart situation. Marquardo noted that the severity of the heart attack was “mild to serious.”

Gallagher was one of the most popular and recognizable American comedians during the 1980s. He performed 14 comedy specials for Showtime. These shows have been re-broadcast numerous times, notably on Comedy Central.

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