Gary Coleman’s Wife Posted Bail After Domestic Dispute Arrest

Actor Gary Coleman was released from a Utah jail after being arrested over the weekend on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Police officers went to his home after they received a domestic disturbance call. Coleman was picked up for the warrant and booked into Utah County Jail.

The warrant was related to a domestic violence charge from August 26, 2009. Coleman posted $1,725 bail and was released. He is expected to appear at a hearing in Santaquin Justice Court on February 8.

Shannon Price, Gary’s spouse, was arrested last July for trashing her husband’s bedroom. Police were called to the residence. She called greeted them in her Utah driveway, “F— you and f— him!” she said before her arrest. “You deserve this after how you treated me!” she shouted at Coleman.

Police said that Price, 23, locked her husband out of the house after destroying his bedroom. Shannon Price was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and disorderly conduct. The marriage has been on and off for approximately 2 1/2 years.

Gary Coleman and Shannon Price were married in August 2007. They met on the set of the comedy film “Church Ball” just five months before exchanging vows. The couple then appeared on the TV syndicated show “Divorce Court” where Price described her husband as distant and very depressed. However, the couple reconciled.

Coleman has had his own legal problems. He pleaded no contest in 2008 to charges that he tried to hit a fan with his truck outside a bowling alley. Witnesses say that a fan had asked him for an autograph, but he refused. He then got into his pickup truck and tried to run the fan over. The fan then called 911 and police arrested Coleman.

Different Strokes Money Spent By Parents

Most fans feel sorry for Coleman. He starred in the television hit series “Different Strokes” for about a decade. When he turned 18, he found out that his parents spent all of his money. He realized that he had to find a job. Since then, he’s held several jobs, including all-night security at a warehouse.

Experts believe that the childhood actor’s anger and depression stem from his parents. Coleman thought that when he turned 18, there would be enough money from his acting career to live on. He then sued his parents but was unable to collect any monies.