​Gavin Rossdale Allegedly Cheated On Gwen Stefani With Young Nanny

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Nov. 13, 2015

Gavin Rossdale allegedly cheated on Gwen Stefani for three years with their family nanny Mindy Mann, who was charged with looking after their three sons Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 20 months. But Stefani’s husband of 13 years thinks he can still get her back when she’s done with Blake Shelton, according to Hollywood Life.

Rossdale, 50, is said to have initially brushed the messages off as “flirtation,” before allegedly confessing to adultery months later. Mann was fired as soon as the singer had confronted Gavin, which he initially denied having an affair.

The new issue of Us Weekly claims the Bush rocker cheated on the singer right under her nose after one of their nannies supposedly discovered messages and nude photos on the family’s iPad.

Gavin Rossdale was married to Gwen Stefani for 13 years

The cheating allegations against Gavin Rossdale “completely devastated her,” a source told the magazine. “She was mortified, livid, and embarrassed.” The supposed liaison is alleged to have lasted for more than three years, including the period when Gwen was pregnant with their youngest child Apollo. “This was done right under Gwen’s nose.”

According to the publication, the singer confronted her husband about his affair on February 9 this year. When he confessed, she knew their marriage was over.

The magazine details that Mindy sent him several nude photos of herself, and the texts also included arrangements for her to meet up with him for sex. For Gwen, it was apparently not just the affair that broke her, but also the fact her husband had been having it with a woman she knew and trusted, who looked after their children.

The nanny was fired as soon as the singer had confronted her husband. Stefani first employed the nanny back in 2008 before she started working with the family as a fill in and then became permanent.

Rossdale was shocked to learn how his wife found out about the affair by another nanny. Gavin and the nanny were usually seen together as Mindy began to post pictures on social media “dressed in a similar way to Gwen.”

In 2012, pictures emerged of the two on a hike together as he was seen touching her backside as they walked. Stefani was understandably upset by the images, a source told the magazine her suspicions were aroused.

Gavin insisted that the girl in the photos was his sister, Soraya, which was followed up by his publicist to the press. However it was Mann with Rossdale as the two were already allegedly in the throes of an affair.

Friends and those close to Gwen tried to be discreet, but it was apparently obvious that Mindy and the Bush frontman were more than just employer and employee. The alleged cheating scandal has hurt the family and friends, according to insiders.

Gwen Stefani, who has a strong Catholic faith, was determined to keep her marriage with Gavin Rossdale together for the sake of her children, and also because she did not believe in divorce. It wasn’t until the blonde singer discovered the text messages and photos, that she had proof she couldn’t ignore. Earlier this week, her husband was seen with the fired nanny on a tennis court.

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