Gayle King and Oprah Never Sent Wendy Williams A Letter

Gayle King – Gayle King and Oprah’s relationship has been a discussion for about a week amid rumors that their friendship has ended.

Wendy Williams gleefully told viewers on Wednesday that Oprah sent her a letter reassuring her that her relationship with her best friend was fine. Williams had previously speculated that their friendship was on the rocks. She even showed the letter to her audience.

However, King and Oprah say they never sent any letters to Williams.

King told Joyner, “The letter that I heard Wendy read — I didn’t see it — I know Oprah never wrote a letter to Wendy. I said, ‘I’m getting all these messages that you wrote a letter to Wendy,’ and she goes, ‘Gayle, you know more than anybody knows that that’s not true,’ number one.”

King also smacked down Williams’ speculation that her friendship with Oprah was over. Williams had voiced concern that King’s move from OWN to host CBS’ new morning show signaled trouble for the pair.

King said that Oprah was the one who encouraged her to take the new job even though King herself was unsure. She recalled, ‘[Oprah] said, ‘Are you kidding? This is so what you do, the news is what you love… you would be crazy to pass it up!'”

After jokingly calling Brown a “hater” for doubting her friendship with Oprah, she warned, “You can’t believe everything you hear and read!”

Of course, this still doesn’t clear up the question: if that letter wasn’t from Oprah…who was it from?