Gene Simmons Blasts Madonna and NFL For Super Bowl Halftime

Gene Simmons Madonna – Gene Simmons didn’t sit quietly when the NFL announced Madonna’s NFL debut for the Super Bowl Halftime show in February.

The KISS frontman says he’s not impressed with the Material Girl’s live performances. ‘s not impressed with Madonna’s live performances.

Simmons claims that Madonna will often rely on augmented audio effects during concerts.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate,” Simmons told when asked about the Material Girl’s football debut. “If you’re going to get up, do it real. Do a real band, or tell everyone it’s a tape. I hate tapes.”

He also compared her to any local singer who use tapes at a dive bar.

“I love all karaoke singers, I like all the girl singers who get up and sing with tapes,” wagged Simmons. “Shame on you,” he added.

“You got to have some integrity. I don’t care what your music is, have some integrity–be real. Or, full disclosure before the fact. Hold up a sign and say, ’70 percent of what you hear is fake, it’s tape. I’m a karaoke singer.'”

“By the way, Madonna’s terrific,” Simmons conceded. “But I hate the tapes.”

That’s one thing about Simmons — he can be confusing at times and it’s no different when he talks about Madonna.