Geraldo Rivera Offers Apology For Trayvon Martin Hurt Caused

Journalist and Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera has issued an apology over comments he made about Trayvon Martin, the 17 year-old shot to death by a neighborhood watchmen, because of the way he was dressed,

Geraldo Rivera, who now hosts a week day radio talk show in New York, made comments on Fox News last week, about how possibly, because of the hoodie that made Martin a suspicious looking character is the reason he was shot.

”Trayvon Martin, God bless him, an innocent kid, a wonderful kid, a box of Skittles in his hand didn’t deserve to die, but I’ll bet you money if he didn’t have that hoodie on that nutty neighborhood watch guy wouldn’t have responded in that violent an aggressive way,” the TV host said to Fox News.

He added that after saying he does not allow his own son to wear a hoodie, “there is no rehabilitating the hoodie…unless it’s raining out or you’re at a track meet, leave the hoodie home.”

Afterwards Rivera tweeted, “His hoodie killed Trayvon Martin as surely as George Zimmerman,” he tweeted on Thursday. A petition was quickly started demanding an apology.

Though Rivera refused to retract his comments and thoughts, siting that many minority mothers were on his side, he did apologize via Twitter.

“I deeply apologize for any hurt I caused-that is not my goal or intent,” wrote Geraldo.

He went on to add, “In the avalanche of criticism how interesting that most minority moms back me because they want their sons to live long and prosper.”

“My own son just wrote to say he’s ashamed of my position re hoodies-still feel parents must do whatever they can to keep their kids safe,” Rivera later wrote.

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