Giuliana Rancic Recovering From Double Mastectomy

Giuliana Rancic is recovering from surgery last week and is doing well. She went through a double mastectomy to remove all the cancer from her body. It’s an unfortunate procedure, but it was needed to prevent the cancer from spreading. However, on the upswing of things, her husband Bill said that while the hours following the surgery were not good, she is feeling better now.

In fact, Bill praises her for being a brave woman through it all.

Giuliana has received overwhelming support and good wishes from the general public. She offered them her thanks for their prayers and support.

Rancic appeared on the “Today” show earlier this month to announce she was having the double mastectomy after the lumpectomy procedure didn’t remove all the cancer. The E! host was calm with the news and admitted that her chemotherapy took a toll on her, but in the end she decided to go under the knife so that the cancer is gone completely.

Giuliana said that part of her decision to have the procedure is because she wants to have children soon within the next year or two. They were trying until she got cancer.

In addition to everything going on with her health, she and her husband have had to battle rumors created by the tabloids that they are divorcing, or that she was pregnant before she had the double mastectomy. “None of it is true,” she says.

Rancic enjoys keeping her fans updated on Twitter posting jokes or inspirational notes about surviving cancer. She has a lot of followers, and she lets them know by thanking them for their prayers.

Guiliana Rancic can be seen on-camera conducting celebrity interviews at award ceremonies. Each year, she reports from the Golden Globes, Academy Awards, and the Emmys. She is currently the co-host on E! with Ryan Seacrest.