Goldblum Awarded 3 Year Restraning Order From Stalker

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles court judge granted actor Jeff Goldblum a 3-year restraint order from a stalker to be said to have been harassing him for at least 10 years now.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson ordered Linda Ransom, who during the hearing was continually warned about raising her voice at the judge, to stay at least 100 yards away from Goldblum and refrain from contacting the actor for the next three-years.

Ransom argued that she has been trying to pursue a civil case against a Goldblum employee but has not been able to get the case heard, and that is why she is contacting Goldblum.

“Mr. Goldblum is being harassed because the legal system is negligently violating my rights,” Ransom said.

“This harassment is going to stop,” judge Goodson told Ransom.

After one outburst by Ransom, judge Goodson told Ransom, “I must say you are acting irrationally in court, Mr. Goldblum does not want you near him.”

In Goldblum’s court filings for the restraining order request, he stated that Ransom has been harassing him for over a decade by continually showing up at his home uninvited, and that she once told police she would not stop until a restraining order was in place.

“Over the past decade, I have experienced substantial emotional distress due to Ms. Ransom’s continuous stalking, harassing, and threatening behavior,” Goldblum wrote in a sworn court declaration filed in May when he requested a temporary restraing order.

Golbum was not present in court on Tuesday for the hearing and was not required too.

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