Gosselin Kids Demand Another Show

Kate Gosselin appeared on the ‘Today’ show this past Monday to reveal the family of eight has been up to since the cancellation of their reality show last year.

Aside from telling host Ann Curry, that she has been working on different recipes for a possible upcoming cookbook with 8 judges in the house, she has also been blogging on a site called Coupon Cabin about how to save money by collecting coupons, and has ran a marathon.

She said as busy as she has kept herself, the children, however, all miss the limelight of reality television and want to star in another one.

“They really honestly miss filming,” Gosselin shared. “They’ve been saying, ‘When are we going to go here or there? We miss the crew,'” she revealed.

She explained, “We’re hoping to move forward and do more projects,” adding, “Fans are begging [to see more]. ‘They’ve grown up, they turned eight. What are you doing [now]?'”

Originally Kate and Jon Gosselin, who already had two children appeared on a Discovery Health special about having sextuplets titled Surviving Sextuplets.

They were then featured in their own reality show for TLC called Jon and Kate Plus 8, which followed the family’s life and their struggles.

After the high-profile break-up and eventual divorce of Jon and Kate, the show was renamed Kate Plus 8, which was canceled last September after a combined total of 150 episodes.

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