Jennifer Lopez Named ‘Greatest Musical Comeback’ On Million Google Searches

Jennifer Lopez has been named the Greatest Musical Comeback for 2011 by Accuracast, who compiled the top spot based on 1 million online Google searches from 2004 to present. The singer and actress had a rough year in 2009 after she was dropped by her record label and a movie, “The Back Up Plan,” that was a complete failure.

Lopez can be thankful today because 2011 has put her back on top with a career year, which started by signing a mega deal with “American Idol” and her latest hit single “On The Floor” took the charts by storm, debuting at #9, the highest debut in history.

Jennifer’s music video for the song has become the third most watched video on YouTube. It’s true that people can bounce back and recover and you don’t have to be famous. All you need is a plan and the opportunity — which doesn’t come knocking unless you get out there and do your best.

In addition, Lopez picked up several endorsement deals with commercials for L’Oreal, Venus razors, and Fiat.

Other notables on the greatest comeback list included Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, and The New Kids On The Block. Do you think the award title fits Jennifer Lopez?