Gregg Allman Is Engaged To 24-Year-Old Shannon

Legendary singer Gregg Allman revealed in an interview on CNN Wednesday night that he is now engaged to a 24-year-old woman named Shannon. Allman, 64, confirmed the news to Piers Morgan.

Morgan had questioned the relationship on camera.

When asked what his fiancée thought of becoming his seventh wife, Allman replied, “That’s not what she’s becoming. She’s becoming wife Number One. I don’t have a wife, I haven’t had one for years.”

Allman later told Morgan that “this time, I am really in love,” and said that he was only in love with two of his previous wives, though “they didn’t reciprocate.”

Fans had been worried in late April, when the legendary musician — a singer, songwriter, keyboard player and band founder — postponed the publicity tour for his new memoir, “My Cross to Bear.”

At the time, a publicist said he would undergo cardiac tests at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., to see if he needed extra care after a hernia operation.

Allman, who’s battled health problems in recent years, also had a liver transplant at the Florida clinic in 2010.

“I had a little something wrong with my ticker,” he said. “It was doing little rock and roll beats in between. They put a stent in there and blood started flowing. I felt better immediately.”

With the stent in place, Allman has been able to proceed with his autograph tour this spring, meeting the public at bookstores and sales outlets such as Sam’s Club and Costco.

The book traces his life story through childhood and adolescence, then focuses on his four decades with the Allman Brothers Band.

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