Halle Berry Vacation Home On Market For $1.9M In Canada

Halle Berry has decided to put her vacation home on the market. The actress purchased the 63-acre property with former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry because it is near his parents’ home in Canada. It is located in Saint-Hippolyte, Quebec.

Berry purchased the home for 1.85 million dollars reportedly and now has it listed for $1.9 million. The 2,500-square-foot house has three bedrooms and a private lake. It has a large custom-designed staircase.

Berry apparently is parting with the home due to the fact she does not visit often anymore since the break-up with Aubry, who also is the father of her daughter, and she’s been paying to maintain the property and not getting any use out of it.

Meeting at a Versace photo shoot, Berry and Aubry had begun dating in 2005. After six months she stated, “I’m really happy in my personal life, which is a novelty to me. You know, I’m not the girl that has the best relationships.”

The couple had a daughter together named Nahla Ariela Aubry on March 16, 2008. At one time, Berry indicated that she did not intend to marry again, insisting the couple’s life was already complete without the need for a marriage. She stated that she hoped to have a second child right away.

Aubry told In Touch magazine, “I’d like Nahla to have a sibling in 2009.” Berry ended the relationship in early 2010, but they have remained friends and committed parents to their daughter. There are several real estate agents already interested in the vacation home.